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Participation in your community’s housing plans is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to address housing needs in a meaningful way. The planning process is happening now and relies on community input to shape the plan. Make an impact today and get involved.

Housing Element Timeline

The planning process for addressing housing needs in your community is happening now (see our About page to read more about the process). There are various points throughout the planning process where you can make your voice heard and influence the plan. Please see the Housing Element Timeline and how you can get involved below.

ABAG releases draft RHNA Allocations
Spring 2021
City staff develop the draft Housing Elements
Spring 2021 – Summer 2022
Public comment
Fall 2022
Housing Elements due
Jan 31, 2023

Prepare and Attend

The Housing Readiness Report brings together trusted resources from across the Bay Area to help you get involved. Whether you have 5 minutes, an hour or more, there are a number of ways for you to address your community’s housing needs.

5 minutes
60 minutes
1 day or more

In just 5 minutes

Read a quick start guide

Read this short guide to learn how you can support housing for the future of your community.

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Spread the word

Enjoy the Housing Readiness Report and want to share it out in the world? Click below to share with your networks. Suggested post: The housing crisis impacts our vulnerable neighbors' ability to have a decent place to live. Get the data to see if your city is ready to tackle the crisis & resources for how you can get involved in their housing plans with the Housing Readiness Report:

If you have an hour or two

Draft a letter to your city using a prepared template

Use one of our ready-made draft letters to help express how the lack of housing in your community impacts your and your neighbors’ lives, and what your local housing planners and elected officials should do about it.

Review some ready to use advocacy toolkits

Often, the hardest part of getting involved and having your voice heard is crafting a message that makes an impact. Use the following messaging tools to help shape your own experience into a narrative that will make an impression on those who are planning for housing.

If you have a day or more

Attend a local meeting about housing elements

Planning for housing in your community is often complicated, but the process is public, accessible and inclusive. The people who plan for housing in your community want to hear from you because you are an expert in your community. Check out the calendars and schedules below to learn when you can engage in your community’s local housing plans and attend a meeting.