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Proposed Policies and Programs

Housing policies and programs are the strategies and laws that cities and counties legally have at their disposal to produce more and preserve existing affordable housing, as well as protect existing residents from getting displaced from their homes and communities.

5th Cycle Programs and Policies

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Local housing policies and programs, as part of a housing element, have significant impacts on a city or county reaching its affordable housing goals. Each additional housing policy has a significant impact on the residents who are most in need of affordable housing. However, the number of policies or programs that a jurisdiction includes in their housing element is not meant to imply how well a city or county is addressing local housing needs since the quality and impact of each will need to be determined as well. Policies and programs listed here from jurisdictions’ Housing Elements are intended to allow readers to review the text themselves and see if a city or county is doing all they can to reach their affordable housing goals.

Historic 2018 Policies and Programs Categorization

To further policy innovation and local action, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) contacted all of the region's jurisdictions to track the adoption of key housing policies throughout the nine county Bay Area in four major categories Protect, Preserve, Produce, and Prevent. This data is from ABAG’s Policies and Program list and was last updated in 2018/2019.

Condominium Conversion Ordinance
Form-Based Codes
Home Sharing Programs
Inclusionary Housing Ordinance
By-Right Strategies
Commercial Development Impact Fee
Flexible Parking Requirements
General Fund Allocation
Graduated Density Bonus
Homeowner Repair or Rehabilitation
Housing Development Impact Fee
Housing Overlay Zones
Implementation of SB743
In-Lieu Fees (Inclusionary Zoning)
Just Cause Eviction
Locally-Funded Homebuyer Assistance
Mobile Homes Conversion Ordinance
One-to-One Replacement
Preservation of Mobile Homes (Rent Stabilization Ordinance)
Reduced Fees or Permit Waivers
Rent Stabilization
SRO Preservation Ordinance
Streamlined Permitting Process
Surplus Public Lands Act
Tenant-Based Assistance
Los Altos Hills's Recorded Housing Policies

The California Department of Housing and Community Development tracks all of the ongoing and completed programs from 2018 onward and can be seen in the table below.

18. Program - Recognize alternate structures as 2nd units
Evaluate existing guest houses, studios and other habitable structures to determine if they qualify as a 2nd unit
The Town reviews properties when a development proposal is submitted and encourages owners to consider building an ADU.
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
19. Program - Affordable housing at Foothill College
Staff to meet annually with college administration and consider rezoning the college property to allow multi-family affordable housing for staff and students
Staff periodically meets with college administration. Rezoning process has not been initiated. Will consider rezoning during next HE update process.
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
17. Program - Allow 1,200 sq.ft. 2nd units
Modify the zoning ordinance to allow for 1,200 sq.ft. 2nd units
ADUs up to 1,200 square feet are now permitted and code language is included in the new ADU ordinance adopted in September 2020.
12/1/2016 - Completed 2020
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
12. Program - Informational brochures on 2nd units and review of incentives to encourage 2nd units
Provide up to date information on second units and consider amending Town policies and codes to encourage additional 2nd unit construction
Public information brochure completed. New ADU ordinance conforming to state law adopted in August 2020, and includes height and floor area incentives for certain types of ADUs. Staff continues to update the Town website.
Ongoing. Staff has prepared a brochure with information on the Town's website.
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
16. Program - Allow 2nd units on substandard parcels
Modify the zoning ordinance to allow for attached 2nd units on substandard parcels
ADUs are now permitted on all properties and code language is included in the new ADU ordinance adopted in September 2020.
12/1/2016 - Completed 2020
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
15. Program - Amnesty Program
Develop and amnesty program to legalize undocumented 2nd units
Amnesty program language was developed and included in the new ADU ordinance adopted in September 2020.
12/1/2016 - Completed 2020
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
13. Program - Reducing and waiving fees
Develop and adopt criteria for reducing or waiving permit, sewer and other fees for 2nd units
Pathway fees have been removed on ADUs under 900 square feet and on all ADUs until the RHNA affordable housing unit numbers are met for Cycle 5. Sewer fees have been reduced by 50% on all ADUs.
12/1/2015 - Completed 2020
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
14. Program - Non-conforming parking
Allow the use of non-conforming parking areas to meet 2nd unit parking requirement
Changes to state law allow for reduced parking requirements for 2nd units. Zoning Code modified to reflect changes to state law and encourage use of existing nonconforming parking areas. City Council adopted new ADU ordinance in September 2020.
12/1/2016 - Completed 2020
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
8. Program - California Employee Housing Act Compliance
Modify zoning ordinance to allow for on-site affordable housing for employees of institutional uses
Code language is being developed and will be presented to the Planning Commission in July 2022 and City Council in Fall 2022 with the update of the Housing Element
12/1/2016 - Review in 2022
5th cycle, 2013 to 2022
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