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What are Housing Elements?

In order to meet their affordable housing goals, known as the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), local cities and counties develop policies and programs as well as find developable land that provide opportunities to develop low-income to market-rate housing. The local housing plans are called Housing Elements, and it’s during this planning process that community members are able to provide input and have their voices heard.

We are currently in the 6th Cycle (2023 to 2031) and because this only occurs once every eight years, the time is now to plan for the future of your community.

Rio Vista Housing Element Status

  • Not SubmittedCity or county has not submitted a draft of their Housing Element for review by HCD.
  • In ProgressCity or county has submitted their Housing Element - and potentially subsequent drafts - to HCD for review.
  • AdoptedCity or county has a locally approved Housing Element and is currently being reviewed by HCD.
  • CertifiedHCD has certified the city or county's Housing Element.
  • Responses from HCD

    View the latest letters from the State of California’s Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) to local city or county, which is in response to the jurisdiction’s submitted Housing Element.

    Rio Vista does not have any recorded responses.
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