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Rent Burden
rent burdened
Affordable Housing Production
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Learn more about your city or county’s housing needs, and its policies and progress towards meeting those housing needs.

6th Cycle (2023 to 2031) Housing Element Status

How close Bay Area cities and counties are to meeting their local housing plans.
  • Not Submitted
  • In Progress
  • Adopted
  • Certified
  • Housing element certified
    HCD has certified the city or county's Housing Element.

    Affordable Housing Goals

    Every city and county is required by law to plan for local housing needs for every level of affordability every decade according to the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). The progress towards meeting these housing goals can be tracked over time by measuring the number of housing permits issued by local cities and counties. This data includes the 5th element cycle and will be updated when 6th cycle data is updated.
    Very Low Income
    Low Income
    Moderate Income
    Above Moderate Inc.

    Proposed Policies and Programs

    Prioritized Policies from 2018
    policies adopted
    To further policy innovation and local action, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) contacted all of the region's jurisdictions to track the adoption of key housing policies throughout the nine county Bay Area.
    Total Policies
    proposed policies
    Local housing policies and programs, as part of a housing element, have significant impacts on a city or county reaching its affordable housing goals. Each additional housing policy has an significant impact on the residents who are most in need of affordable housing.

    Community Conditions

    These conditions contribute to your community’s housing needs.
    Rent Burden
    rent burdened
    The percentage of population who contribute more than 30% of their gross income on housing.
    Gentrification Risk
    residents with low income in gentrifying tracts
    Gentrification risk shows the risk level of low-income households by race/ethnicity and their likelihood of being displaced from their community.
    Neighborhood Opportunity
    highest resource
    Neighborhood opportunity measures the amount of wealth and resources in a community and includes the following neighborhood opportunity categories from lowest to highest resources: high segregation & poverty, low resource, moderate resource, high resource, and highest resource.

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